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Your turn

Every week a special test is unlocked. It can only be taken once and if you are at the top of the leaderboard… wins a prize! It is the proposed rules, but lets build together because we love to hear you, feel free to leave ideas on the comments below.

Challenge Rules Ideas

1 thought on “Challenge”

  1. Edgar Rincon

    Well, there should be an initial contribution of around 50 dollars, and each player would pay 3 dollars if they decide to participate, all positions would be enabled to take the challenge (except managers), so if 20 people participate, the total amount would be close to 120 dollars per week for each location. It could be 10 random questions (from all available on tests) to be answered in 3 minutes. Whoever wins who does it in the shortest possible time and without errors. Malos? Malos no son 😂 y por 3 pennies.

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